Wills Star-cot closeup

Wills Star linen & bunting with tow truck, cross & starry night cushions

What fun!! You are going to have a new member of your family arrive soon & it is such an exciting time setting up a special room for them. Boy or girl ? or you don’t know yet?

Setting up a nursery can be daunting, but it doesn”t have to be.

From our perspective, we suggest the following simple guidelines :

  • Set a budget; that you are 100% comfortable with. Then stick to this!!! Be realistic – if this is your last planned baby, don’t go over the top; if it is your first, you may have some big purchases to invest in – bassinets, a cot, changing table & much more.
  • If you know boy or girl, you may which to direct your colour flavour to suit this. Or remain more gender neutral if the baby”s sex is unknown, but this doesn’t have to mean beige or creams. There are lots of lovely blues & greens that can suit both girls & boys.
  • Once a colour palette has been selected, as ALWAYS we suggest selecting your linen first. There are zillions of paint options but only a handful of linen options that are available in cot size & there will be fewer you actually like. So hunt out your comforter & sheeting then charge forth with the rest of the room as this will also determine your rooms key colour.
  • Tip : A baby won”t need a big pillow – they need to lie flat, but an empty pillowcase under baby”s head is a good option for catching baby’s dribble & spills & much easier to wash than changing the full bed
  • Don’t go overboard with theme as your newborn baby’s becomes a toddler very quickly & theme preferences change just as quickly. Bring in theme with cost effective items that are affordable to change easily – a bunting, wall decal, cushions.
  • Once you have the key elements installed, pause. Stand back & look at the room. Does it need a rug? Or a canvas for the wall? Is there somewhere for you to sit to feed baby at night? Is there a softer night light & somewhere to dispose of dirty nappies? Click here to see the best travel systems.
  • Complete these last few tasks & voila! You have a super special room for your new wee person. Now relax & enjoy :)
Millie-cot with Flo

Millie linen with red robyn cushion

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