Daunted by decorating your kids bedroom?  We provide some tips.

Daunted by decorating your kids bedroom? We provide some tips.

Setting up or decorating a kids bedroom & choosing bedding for a teenager, baby or anyone in your home can be a little daunting; sometimes a whole lot daunting! Whilst having the idea to set up a new bedroom is exciting, it can be surrounded with some anxiety – where do I start? how will I cope? what if I don’t know what to do? what if I get the colours wrong? where do I find nice 100% cotton bedding ? Be assured, you will cope, you will find out what to do, & of course, Patersonrose has beautiful 100% cotton sheeting & duvet covers for big people & young children’s bedrooms!!! Boys bedrooms & girls rooms. Yay.
Everyone deserves to sleep in natural cotton that breathes. Even better to find a duvet pattern that works in your home & won’t break the bank. Patersonrose! You will be blinded by mix & match options. If you have children who share a bedroom or 2 beds in the same room, perhaps choose different duvet covers sets but use the same sheeting design. Or keep your duvet design the same & swap out sheeting and pillowcases.
An example is our Navy sheeting that works well with kids duvet covers – wonderful if you have girls & guys in the same room! or want to keep the kids sheeting all one pattern, giving each child their own duvet ‘look’.
Now you have discovered Patersonrose, your bedroom creation can begin. But be careful!! Patersonrose bedding can become quite addictive😜. It’s super lovely to touch & quite delish to sleep in.
Look-out for Leon!

Look-out for Leon!

Can you hear the colour! This is simplicity & stunning-ness at it’s best for boys bedrooms. Red, white & blue ❤️ with the striking addition of grey to add some oomph 💪 in big brush-stroke stripes.The Leon duvet collection is a nicely nautical duvet cover in a modern mature way, looking sleek in a teenage boys room; just as stunning in a small boys room & fitting anywhere in-between. Bloody brilliant!

Accessorise your boys room with 100% cotton sheeting, a few different pillowcases, some cushions, wall art & furniture to add themes, passions or crazes your boy is currently into. It doesn’t get much better than Leon!

The Leon duvet cover set is made from 100% natural cotton with loads of 100% cotton sheeting options. Single, king single & queen beds.

Our Bedding on Beds in Abu Dhabu

Our Bedding on Beds in Abu Dhabu

OMG – we loooovvvvve sharing pics of ‘our linen in your home’. Hopefully they inspire you & give you some good design ideas. This one is superlatively stunning!! Don’t you agree? This amazing bed features cushions … well …a few PR cushions 😆, our Wills Star comforter and PR Navy sheeting.

How fabulous that our boys sheeting & cushions & bedding is on beds on the other side of the world!!! Even more amazing this bed is in a special boys home in Abu Dhabi! Thank you so much for sharing😘 & even bigger thanks for being a Patersonrose fan xxx

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NEW Addition to the PR Family for Boys

Boys navy & grey duvet / quilt cover

Hot OFF the production press & created with lots of passion with copious customer contribution via facebook, popups, emails & phone calls, retailer suggestions & full PR team critiquing, we are very proud to introduce our NEW Leon Collection 2018.  A rich deep navy blue, metallic grey, charcoal & a nod of red, this quilt cover screams modern, simple, easy & smashingly good looking!!!

We wanted to respond to you, our PR customers, requests, while injecting into our collections a boys design that spans across many ages, is modern, yet also classic. What we did NOT want was tizzy, delicate, multicoloured. Oh no!! You, our customer wanted bold & blocky. And so, we have created Leon!!

It’s so often hard to find nice boys bedding which is also 100% beautiful cotton, is available up to queen bedding size & is a nice ‘boyish’ design – not too young, yet not adult.  Our Leon Collection of bedding is this & more; it’s easy – easy to match the the storm grey sheeting & gunpowder grey rug, easy to dress with cushions for big boys, or transition to a smaller boys bedroom. Boom for boys bedding!

An Awesome Array … of cushions for boys.


Red, white & blue!  Such classic & timeless colours; bright & colourful, themed but ageless. You simply can not ever have too many cushions!!! Cushions in a boys room create some theme, add colour, whilst having the practical aspects of propping up for reading or perching on the floor.

Cushions from top, clockwise: white star, yacht, blast off, four star, up up & away, 3 star, blue union jack, blue world map, rules

Pick ‘n Mix – Mid Blue Hues of Wills Star

Pik-n-Mix - Wills Star w Mid Blue (Copy)

Wills Star bedding continues to be our #1 selling collection for young boys. This design spans ages, time, & cultures with so many delightfully classic elements but has the added advantage of having a large number of fun accessories to match & mould into each & every home. Like any PR linen collection, start with the quilt cover / doona, add a comforter & the pieces you love as you can, to create a super cool & fun boys bedroom.

Traditionally Wills Star tends to soft blues, so we love this brighter combination, for rooms wanting a mid blue, slightly bolder palette.

Let us show you how ….

From top left, clockwise … Rocket ‘star’ flag bunting, blue fleece throw, wills star ‘spot’ lampshade, wills star comforter. up up cushion, wills star quilt cover / doona, vintage blue circular shaggy rug, union jack cushion, wills star 100% cotton sheeting & pillowcase, Wills star flag bunting.

Reach for the Stars

Wills Star Bed Shot (Copy)

Very few linen companies can boast linen designs which have the stamina & customer interest to survive years!!!

Patersonrose can, with our Wills Star collection.  Wills Star is a balance of classic & modern, fun & cheery, character but not too ‘themey’, combining a flavour of blues, red & white with block colour of red & navy in the comforter option ( Mariner ) & sheeting.  Fabulous!!!

It appeals to a wide range of ages cots; little boys for their first bed, loaded up with truck & star cushions, a bunting & a star rug, to middle aged boys with pin boards & more of a nautical look, with anchor & boat cushions.

Make your boys Wills Star room marvellous, fun place to be!!!

Pick ‘n Mix – Mariner

Mariner Bunting (Copy)

For boys, it’s ship ahoy as we pitch for a nautical look with the Mariner collection.  To create, you will need the following ingredients ….

1 x Quilt Cover – Mariner
1 x Sheeting – Wills Star Spot ( this sheeting is super fun)
1 x Bunting – Mariner
2 x Cushions – that’s a no-brainer – the compass, & anchor. If you really want to go for it, include a red flag cushion.
1 x Rug – nautical

Mariner - Nautical (Copy)


From our Design Room: “At PR, we love incorporating classic bed linen & products to create a theme. By using pieces from our Mariner collection with its red, white & navy, it’s so easy to achieve things of the sea & go all-out nautical by accessorizing with fun cushions; something for every age of seafaring lad”

Find a boat club flag to use a wall decoration, & a model yacht to place on drawers. Sail away …Check out further Mariner combinations on our website.

with Mariner Rug & Blue Feature Wall (Copy)

Themed Series Introduction – Part 3. 1,2,3 ….

It’s always fun having some theming in your child’s room that also has an element of education, as well as being colourful & fun.  Theming by numbers ( 1,2,3 ) provides a series of wall art / canvases, cushions, a rug & bunting that will keep a child pondering over for hours & hours ( when they are awake, of course ). A wonderful way to add an element of theme in your boys room!

A 123 Theme (Copy)


Have fun blending items from our themed ranges with other Patersonrose pieces, making your lovely boys room a dream space.  The 1,2,3 accessories match nicely with Mariner, Wills Star, Tom & Nautical collections.

1,2,3 fish rhyme

NEW & Nautical

Loving the fresh new “Nautical” look from Patersonrose.

Themed Series Introduction – Part 1. The Rockets.

It is with much excitement that we introduce to you Part 1 of our series of themed accessories; The Rocket series – up up & away! Hot off the press & available now.

A Rocket Theme (Copy)

There are  a number of reason’s for these new PR collections :

The themed accessories mix & match well with many of our PR linen designs ( as above with Wills Star & cobalt sheeting )
We wish to continue keeping our linen ‘theme-free’, lasting your child a number of ages & phases.
Constantly we are asked for themed accessories, so we have succumbed :)
Theming your child’s room with wall art, cushions, a rug, bags & bunting is cost effective & easily changed.
It provides Mum’s, Dads, aunties, Gran’s  & Nan’s with a fun product to help build your child’s room with a practical & perfect gift. Nice!

So spread the word, jump on-line or visit your nearest stockist & create a delightful boys room with a dashing rocket theme that will make his dream space a great place!

Word From the Workshop – Mariner

Mariner Blurb

Each linen collection has it’s very own beginning, it’s own inspiration, it’s own design brief. Sally Paterson, Patersonrose’s Creative Director, tells the Mariner story.

Hundreds of different stripe patterns were designed until the final “Mariner” quilt print stripe was decided upon. Stripes are not as easy as they appear, in fact, quite the contrary. Stripes can be done in so many ways. Who would have believed you have to design so many different stripe patterns all to create just one print!! Our panel of judges voted for the Mariner we now have.

I love stripes as they have so many mix & match options – mix with tartans, spots or checks, changing the whole room appearance.

My son Sam has the Mariner linen on his bed, piled high with a mass of cushions & pillows. However he makes his bed, it always looks stylish, boyish & inviting.

Mariner certainly has been a Patersonrose winning boys design.

Pick ‘n mix – Seriously Sammy

Jk & H in stripy sam

It’s about cute boys rooms that can have theme added or just be down-right cool! Let”s hear it for the Stripy Sam collection. Todays selected combo has a red edge –

From our Design Room:
Stripy Sam has always been about boys & about classic good fun! You can’t go wrong with red, white & blues for boys. But we don’t want anything boring; we want boys to love their rooms, their space, their place & to have something that will last them a duration of their childhood”

Stripy Sam with Red (Copy)

 Check out further Stripy Sam combinations on our website.

Soldier on with Stripy Sam

Stripy Sam linen & pinboard, Mariner comforter, charcoal rug. Cushions: union jack, '?' & random

Stripy Sam linen & pinboard, Mariner comforter, charcoal rug. Cushions: union jack, ‘?’ & random

Let’s celebrate a linen design that has stood the test of time for 6 years!! Yes a 6 brave years.

Through Australian recessions, Christchurch earthquakes, Tsunamis, Royal visits, annual visits from Santa & much more, Stripy Sam linen has been a favourite in so many countries, age groups & lifestyles of boys bedrooms.

Classic in design with red, white & blues for stripes, Stripy Sam has had the odd face-lift; a comforter change; a few cushions added with each re-run. But onwards he has charged.

Who-else, other than Patersonrose, allows you to quietly build on your bedroom collection, adding & changing pieces as your boy grows?? In this world of commercialism, of constant sales, & changes – how refreshing.