Mix and match bedding – we have it covered!

Mix and match bedding – we have it covered!

Are you a spotty kinda person with your bedding? Or are stripes, checks, florals or abstract more your thing? What’s your fav bed linen pattern collab? We are crazy about duvet cover and sheeting pattern-fusing in bedrooms, putting different designs together to create effortless style! Be brave. If you are unsure if your combo works, team it up & see what you think. If you like a particular duvet cover with the sheet set and pillowcases you choose, go for it!! And be sure to change out the designs & colours every now & then to transform your interior.

We are crazy about the Greta check duvet cover set blended with Annabels blush spots sheets. Checks & spots; aqua & blush. Stunning!! If you get stuck, or pattern mixing just is not your thing, flick us a message or email info@patersonrose.com and ask. We can help you narrow down your 100% cotton duvet cover, sheeting, pillowcase & cushion options. Too easy ūüėĄ


How to Choose the Combo!

How to Choose the Combo!

Decor alert! Needing help or ideas deciding which sheeting to put with your selected duvet cover? Or can’t quite choose a combination?
Our infamous PR rule is that there are no rules!! Whatever you like the best is A-OK! But sometimes it can be a little nail-biting for some of us making that final choice of which duvet & sheeting set to purchase.
At PR, we are fully obsessed ( nothing slight about it¬†ūüėÜ ) with creating new designs that really can be mixed & matched with collections old & new. We want to give you options to change your decor by simply adding pillowcases, getting alternative sheeting that tones or getting a new duvet that works with your current sheeting & accessories. And we love that!!! Your options are boundless. Go with one set within a collection and then add bits and bobs as you can – extra sheeting and pillowcases from different collections, so that every time you change a bed, you create a new fresh decor that looks amazing!

Here, we show how the Poppy duvet cover sits perfectly with Annabel, Belle, Hannah & Navy stripe.¬† You can mix any of these together between sheeting & pillowcases.Happy match & mixing¬†ūüėä

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Duvets for Tricky Teenagers.

Duvets for Tricky Teenagers.

Teenagers!! Often it all gets a bit tricky finding bedding for the young man or lady in your home, as they don’t want frilly florals, vibrant colours or often, don’t want busy prints either. And adult linen often doesn’t make the cut.
Here’s a¬† knock-out teenage designs that we have created. The Jemima duvet cover / doona. Timeless, spanning across all ages, the Jemima collection is fun & funky!
Even better – all of our bedding is beautiful 100% natural cotton.

Plus check out our other designs for guys and girls – loads of options for young adults and old kids¬†ūüėÜ.

Leading Interior Fashion Colour Announced.

Leading Interior Fashion Colour Announced.

Fashion colour ‘call out’ for girls – 2020. The results are in! Woop woop! It’s all about Aqua. Soft tones of aqua teamed with silver & mint. So let’s get rolling with our new collection – Jess!!! A duvet cover set & sheeting collection of fresh and fun aqua and white stripes. And don’t be shy to add in other colours with Aqua. Aqua loves colour collab! It’s as easy as throwing on some Annabel rose sheeting, our Greta deep green & blush pillowcases & a silver bling cushion. Or go yellow with our fun Pineapple cushion. Any way – you will end up with very cool kids room bedroom decor. Nice work!

Glamorous Greta

Glamorous Greta

WOW! Elevate your girls bedroom space with simple & glamorous Greta. This is effortless style at it’s best; checks of smokey pine green with beautiful blush. And so versatile! When we talk about having lots of options to dec out your room, we really do mean it! Match & mix between Jess aqua stripe sheeting or Annabel rose spots ( in pic ) fitted sheet and pillowcase to create a combo that you love best!! Or, accessorise with charcoal for a more sophisticated ‘older girls’ look.

There are NO rules with your bedroom decor! Happy combo-ing

The Prettiest, Starriest Pink

The Prettiest, Starriest Pink

What is more beautiful for a girls first ‘BIG’ bed than a good dollop of the prettiest, lolliest, starriest pink!! It really is better than toasted marshmallows! We really should all celebrate pink!! Your girl is only small for such a short time & will move through her pink stage quicker than a wink or a blink! If you are a mother doing her utmost to avoid pink, then let it go! Our ‘prettier than pink’ fav collection is currently the Rosa duvet cover and sheet set. Mix this stunning Rosa candy pink & star duvet / doona cover with Silver Star and bling accessories. Pink really is the colour of harmony & happiness.Celebrate pink!!

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Such Fun – Mix & Match Ashley Bedlinen

Such Fun – Mix & Match Ashley Bedlinen

At PR, we really love, love, love being able to change out & mix up designs with bits & pieces from other PR styles & collections. What fun! It’s amazing how you can completely change a room with switching out pillowcases, changing an accessory or adding a rug & create a fresh new look – such fun & so easy!!.

The very fun pastel spotted Ashley duvet cover / doona ( now on sale ) looks graceful & gorgeous with Jess sheeting, the fuchsia or candy pink floor rug & Make Today cushion.

But anything goes! There are No rules with PR combos. Be brave & bold & go with the colours you love best!

Creating a Delightful Room for Younger Girls

Creating a Delightful Room for Younger Girls

Can’t quite work out what to do in your girls room for her 1st big bed?
Or trying to decorate a room using pink? Then look no further. We have loads of girls rooms solutions!

Anything is possible with a little pink. A lot of pink works well too ūüėÜ.
Either way, pink is the colour of youth, joy, pretty things and happiness.
Embrace pink!¬† Your wee girl won’t be ‘wee’ for very long & before you know it she will be requesting colours you may not like quite as much as she does.

For a delightful girls room, try putting together the Rosa duvet / doona with Almond pink sheeting & a Fuchsia or Candy Pink shaggy rug. Or create a combo of your choice using the Rosa candy pink & star duvet cover. There are NO rules!! And have fun.

Handy Hint : Decorating tip

Handy Hint : Decorating tip

Your child’s room should be a fun space, a sanctuary that they love to go to, where they can chill out or bring their friends & siblings.
And let’s remember, all our children are different – they have different likes, dislikes, colour tastes & interior needs.
But with a little effort, you can make your child’s room uniquely theirs & have loads of fun doing it!!

We love the simplicity of black & white in a girls room, especially an older girls room, as shown, using the Jemima duvet. But we also love the addition of colour to give the room some punch & personality, like soft pink, or a splosh of soft blue, with pastel blue sheeting.

The beauty of black & white is you can stay smart & simple just with black & white, or add any other hero colour you wish too.  Have re-decorating!

Our Feature Design this month – Charlotte.

Charlotte floral quilt cover

Image : Charlotte quilt cover ( doona ) with the fleece throw; twinkle star canvas; cushions -flutterby, pink fleece & ballerina; fuchsia pink round floor rug.

At Patersonrose, we do our utmost to have a range of designs for you to select from; designs for modern homes, contemporary houses, for homes with a classic lean, city apartments, country homesteads.  There are designs for all nurseries, kids rooms, tweens & teens, bringing kids rooms to life.

Our Charlotte quilt cover / doona is seriously Gorgeous ( yes! with a captial G ). Aimed to please our younger girls, the Charlotte quilt cover / duvet combines pretty florals, with classic stripes and splendid spots and incorporates the latest fashion colours Рduck egg blue, soft pink, sage green & red. Beautiful detail, yet divine & ultra pretty, the Charlotte quilt cover / doona makes your girls bedroom space an elegant place to be.

Adorable Ashley – PR’s latest collections for Girls

ashley quilt cover / doona with soft pastel spots

Image : Ashley pastel spot quilt cover / doona; Aqua fleece throw; Cushions ; pineapple, make today amazing & silver bling.

We are all about¬†fashion ( in a comfortable way ) & what the ‘in’ looks are for girls¬†rooms in 2017. Having collaborated with our customers for over 11 years creating¬†kids bedroom fashion, we launched¬†the Ashley¬†Collection in 2016/17 to meet our customers requests for pastel colours & spots, with an element of modern ‘randomness’. Softly colourful, with wide age¬†appeal for girls of all ages, the¬†Ashley¬†quilt cover ( duvet / doona ) has the extreme versatility of fitting into any room, with boundless colour combo‚Äôs.

The Ashley bedding encompasses a soft pastel rainbow of spots Рblue, aqua, yellow, pink, lilac & mint green on a fresh white background. Delicious subtle colours. Team this duvet cover / doona with a raft of sheeting & cushions options & you have created a stunning girls room.

The ‚ÄėLook‚Äô can¬†easily¬†be transformed by adding¬†orange, yellow or silver with our NEW cushions, a rug or graphic pillowcases. Be brave & add colour; or stay fashionably white. The choice is yours!

Shop this Look – Zoe with Aqua.

Zoe with Aqua

This is a design for where ‘style hits the city’ with its bold use of fashionable fresh aqua, paired with raspberry & hot pink. A modern use of large circles makes this a very bewitching bed linen design. Zoe’s versatility in¬†creating¬†a range of interior options makes it a flexible design to suit any girls¬†age ( big girl to younger ), tastes, existing accessories or alternatively, have no boundaries & go wild with¬†wall colours. Let’s be honest, there are not very many linen collections which are timeless yet fashionable, span a range of ages & look fab & funky. With such a¬†variety of interior options you have within PR, the hard part is actually choosing. ¬†There are no wrong mix & match options; simply choose the pieces you simply love!

From top left to right, clockwise; Zoe quilt pillowcase, yeah rite cushion, make today cushion,  pink fleece throw, sea blue shaggy rug or aqua shaggy rug, Zoe sheeting, Zoe square cushion.

Word from the Workshop ….. The Molly Collection

Inspiration behind Molly

Many hours go on behind the scenes, compiling the ‘story’ of each design we lovingly produce. ¬†Retailers have been consulted, customers queried, staff members contributed. Each design starts with a brief, sketches for design outlay then layer by layer, the fabric is pieced together, adding colours, pattern & size, all to meet our overall brief. Ultimately, we are hoping you, our fabulous PR fans, with be gob-smacked with joy & love of our latest & greatest PR linen.

So this was how the Molly collection evolved. Retailers & customers alike where asking for blue, a design that appealed to older girls & teens, which had a modern look & was very fashion focused. Our inspiration was fresh seablues, aqua, edgy geometric but nothing too harsh or blocky. The design must still be feminine. We also wanted a unique aspect Рsomething different from other linen houses. Silver!! Months of months of draft designs, colour testing, silver foil laying, Molly was completed.

And boy! have we put the cat among the pigeons as Molly certainly isn’t your usual PR design. ¬†That’s great!! it wasn’t intended to be, with it’s fashionable blues, aqua & hexagon modern look. With her beautiful silver foil adding real wow!!! She still ticks the box of being timeless, have wide age appeal & unthemed, but brings PR into 2016 with a real bang!

We hope you love Molly as much as we have loved the journey of creating the Molly bedlinen for you.

Hot News …. 2016 Fashion Colour Announced

& the latest #1 fashion colour for 2016 is ….. drum roll …… PINK.

Victoria with spots & blue chair

Victoria duvet / doona cover, comforter & matching pillowsham, pink heart, yeah rite & pink velvet cushions, sea blue shaggy rug

Yes, its official.¬†Pink is one of the hot fashion colours for 2016. And we love that!!! Not just because it is a colour we¬†adore & include in¬†a lot to our fabric & designs, but because it is such a happy, fun colour that celebrates girls and represents ‘sugar and spice and everything nice’.

By definition, pink is … ‘a¬†colour which represents nurturing and love, is feminine and affectionate. It is associated with bubble gum, flowers, little girls, cotton candy, and sweetness.” Jolly good, we say!

Occasionally, & only occasionally, we have a mother setting up her daughter’s 1st bed & the mother simply refuses pink. WHY???? This totally baffles us, as pink should¬†be celebrated; it’s so feminine & pretty & has boundless interior opportunities . Pink should be 100% embraced. Let it go!!!

More often than not, when a young girl is allowed to participate in her linen selection, she undoubtedly always selects a pink design without any hesitation what-so-ever. Bravo!! Emma with pink & white spots & a splosh of green, Victoria with fresh Pink & white with a sublime comforter ( as shown above ), Charlotte with a combo of colours, including pink or Milly with heavenly pink flowers. Whatever your selection, go wild with pink!!

Bella on Emma bed

Emma quilt cover / doona, comforter & pink spot sheeting, Emma circle cushion, lampshade & pinboard; fushia pink rug

Countless Combinations

4 Designs - Victoria, Tom, Nautical, Zoe

At Patersonrose, we love that we cross the boundaries of classic design ( that will sit in any bedroom & remain timeless ) to full on fashion ( where the bedlinen is a modern¬†statement ), whilst we remain true to our philosophy that ‘there are NO rules’. We love it when our customers mix classic with fashion to create their own ‘look’ & we celebrate all of you who do this. We know it is often a step out of your comfort zone & a stretch of design, colour & theme imagination to do this. ¬†And the thing is, there is no right or wrong combos, it’s all about bed setting & room that you love!!

Above, we show you some classics: Victoria duvet cover/doona ( top left ) & Nautical ( bottom left ) but edged with red.  For more of a contemporary look, we show you Tom quilt cover / doona ( top right ) with the cobalt blue sheeting & gunpowder grey rug for boys; Zoe ( bottom right ) for girls, intermixing aqua pink & red.

Follow your heart with your colour choices. If you have any queries of with what you are wanting to try, do feel free to contact us to help.

Bring on the Stars

Pik n Mix - Lucy with Red-Pink Stars (Copy)

It’s one thing to theme a room, another to do it tastefully that will also have some longevity. ¬†At PR, we are not big on cartons, dinosaurs, trucks or horses, but we are 100% focused on making bedrooms super fun & age appropriate. ¬†Hence, the addition of our wall art, our huge cushion range ( something for everyone & every age ) & our decorative rugs.

With the divine Lucy range, look how adding the above accessories to the Lucy quilt cover & Lucy comforter, the design pops with pink & red, while adding an element of a star theme & the cosiness of our super soft throws.  Viola, a transformed Lucy look, making an impressive girls bedroom.

Do contact us any time if you would like us to assist you with combination or accessory ideas for you child’s bedroom.

Pictured from top left: Lucy quilt cover, Twinkle star canvas, Lucy sheets, Pink fleece throw, Twinkle star cushion, pink & red floor cushion, Lucy comforter, Twinkle star rug.

The Changing Looks of Charlotte

2015-06-08 13.27.40 (Copy)

Scrumptious girls designs are hard to find at the moment, with many linen houses opting for total monochrome & total geo designs. But ALL young girls should be only surround in all things pretty, & that starts with their bedroom, their quilt cover & the fun cushions for the bed.

We love how the¬†Charlotte¬†girls linen can be teamed with beautiful duck blue by adding a PR sea blue shaggy rug ( as above ) or resplendent with pink & a dash of red ( as below ) by adding a¬†fuschia pink shaggy rug & twinkle star canvas. ¬†Oh know! ¬†which sublime option to choose??? Either way, you can’t go wrong, as any girl with the Charlotte linen is going to have the best-ever bedroom!

2015-06-08 13.33.20 (Copy)

Pick ‘n Mix – Charlotte

Charlotte Quilt Print Pillowcase

Chic Charlotte is all about being ultra pretty, feminine & classically elegant, while being very much in-vogue & fashionable.

  • Quilt Cover ‚ÄďCharlotte
  • Sheeting ‚ÄďCharlotte¬†( this sheeting is super fun)
  • Cushions ‚Äď Oh! such a tough choice but have to go with¬†ballerina, flutterby & pink velvet.
  • Rug ‚Äď fuschia¬†pink shaggy¬†round rug is a perfect match
  • Wall art – cant go past the twinkle star canvas.

Shop This Look - Charlotte (w pink) (Copy)


From our Design Room:

‚ÄúAt PR we love creating timeless & classic bed linen that will grow with your child”s passions & fashions. Charlotte indulges delicious colours with a fun flower theme, some block colour with spots. Theme Charlotte with flowers or birds for younger children or use more block, solid accessories for older girls. Of course,accessorize with your favourite fun¬†cushions.‚ÄĚ

Find a swanky flower wall decoration, or a round solid coloured felt pin board to incorporate the colours of your room. For other colour options & designs for Charlotte, view our website.

Red Wallflower - my4008r[1]

Linen suitable for a Princess

It has all got a bit EPIC here as the media ripple of Prince Harry being presented with the Patersonrose gift in Christchurch, NZ by the lovely Millie Dobson, screens around the world.  And what better gift for our Princess Charlotte than the NZ designed Patersonrose Charlotte linen (so aptly named; we must have known). Especially epic when it was personally collected by the handsome Prince Harry himself :)

Princess Charlotte awaiting her NZ Patersonrose gift

Princess Charlotte awaits her NZ Patersonrose gift

Millie with her banner & Patersonrose gift ready to greet Prince Harry

Millie with her banner & Patersonrose gift ready to greet Prince Harry

Featuring in the UK Daily Mail 13th May 2015

Featuring in the UK Daily Mail 13th May 2015. Sadly the gift is not for Prince Harry – it’s Charlotte linen for the lovely Princess Charlotte.

Charlotte Linen for Princesss Charlotte

Pick ‘n mix – Lucy linen


girls linen Lucy

Lucy¬†linen for girls rooms is a mine-field of delectable colours, but for today, let’s get green with envy!

Quilt cover / duvet : Lucy
Cushions : elephant, ballerina & lucy round ruffle
Rug : Apple green
Lampshade : Lucy spot

Lucy is a bit of a chameleon of colour & can be transformed with so many options. By selecting green, Lucy has a real sprig of fresh apple green which understatedly pops this linen design.

From our Design Room : “Lucy¬†is all about energy, joy, happiness & zest for life. The colour options are endless. Be calm & collected by using block colours, or inter-mingle prints & patterns to be courageous & colourful.”

Apple Green Rug

Embracing Pink

Millie - Grouped (Copy)

Some of us totally love pink, some of us spend a life-time battling it. But our little girls are only small for such a short time that we should embrace pink things & prettiness while we can. Millie linen is funky flowers, pinks & white, soft spots & classic checks.

Themed Series Introduction – Part 4. Butterfly Series

So whimsical & pretty, what little girl isn’t going to love colourful,¬†¬†gentle butterflies adorning her room; be it a canvas for¬†her wall, a cushion scattered on the bed, a butterfly bunting to drape, or a soft rug of butterflies to land little feet on in the morning. ¬†So it is with much fluttering excitement, that we have released our ‘butterfly’ series of accessories … purchase directly on-line or visit your nearest stockist.

A Butterfly Theme (Copy)

NEW for Girls – Victoria

Victoria linen

Drum roll …. ¬†whistles & applause. After much anticipation & many months in production fine-tuning colours & all the intricate prints, we are bursting with excitement with the arrival of¬†our new collection for girls – Victoria. Hot off the press, this very feminine, pretty linen range is divine. ¬†A quilt cover of wide candy floss pink & white stripes with a ribbon of small dots, sheeting of scattered small flowers in pinks, raspberry, green & blue, & the most heavenly comforter – a patchwork of fabrics in stripes, rosettes, delicate flowers & much more. ¬†WOW!

Available from your nearest Patersonrose stockist or online now.

This month we feature for girls … Millie

Millie linen hanging - closeup

Millie is all things soft, feminine & pretty. ¬†A bouquet of pink flowers sprayed with gorgeous pink spots. ¬†We have customers who lovely Millie to stay pink & white then others who amaze¬†us with their Millie combos – revved up with red, passionate with purple, astounding with aqua. ¬†There are NO RULES with Patersonrose linen; no one combo that is correct. It’s all about what you like, what works best for you. ¬†So continue to amaze us with Millie.

All Things Pretty & Pink.

I believe in pink. I believe that laughing is the best calorie burner. I believe in kissing, kissing a lot. I believe in being strong when everything seems to be going wrong. I believe that happy girls are the prettiest girls. I believe that tomorrow is another day and I believe in miracles.

Audrey Hepburn

Millie pink

Clockwise from top left : Pink Petal cushion, Millie spot tab top curtain, Millie storage bag, Millie quilt cover / duvet.

This Month’s Feature Design for Girls is …. Emma

Stand up and applaud for Emma!

This collection was launched on 2009 & has continued to delight many girls ( & their Mums ) with gorgeous sherbet pink, lime green & white stripe quilt cover, ric rac, hot pink spots; a paneled & scallop edge comforter. Very few linen houses would dare run a design this long, but year in & year out, Emma has been a favourite for many of our PR customers & retailers.

Perhaps its the simplicity of the design? Perhaps the blends of pink & lime? Perhaps her appeal to girls of all ages? Or the flexibility to incorporate such an assortment of accessories? For many of you, we are sure it is a combination of all of the above, making young girls smile & sleep soundly in their Emma bed linen for many more years to come!

Emma linen

Emma Linen – such fun

Emma Comforter

The Emma Patchwork comforter, edged in ric rac


“Word from the workshop” – Lou Lou

Live it up with Lou Lou

Lou Lou Linen Collection

We are constantly coming up with new ideas & colour waves for our next round of designs. No easy task! Sally, our Design Director, has the auspicious challenge to turn all ideas into an appealing linen collection you will love, so we do get incredibly excited when a new design is finally signed off for production. So, we are honing in on Lou Lou. Sally provides us some in-sight on the inspiration for the Lou Lou collection …

“At Patersonrose, we tend not to focus on fashion. We aim to blend together the colours & patterns we love, embracing suggestions from our customers & retailers, whilst sticking to our rules of being ‘classic with a twist’ – our own twist. Lou Lou evolved precisely from the above ingredients but happened to also coincide with the latest fashion colours. She is a burst of colour, brightening up any room; a chameleon – she will mix with so many colour¬†palettes. But my primary directive with Lou Lou; she must be fun”

And fun she is!! An introduction of purple, teamed with aqua, sploshes of red, a splash of pink & a sprig fresh green. Lou Lou is gorgeous in any girls room; so perfectly transitions to teenagers.

Laughing (lots) Out Loud : LOL

LOL linen How splendid is the colour aqua, mingled with turquoise & white; a snippet of silver grey. All under-rated colours by themselves but when cleverly blended by the PR design team lead by Sally Paterson, they are bewitching in LOL! Entrancing a wide age group, you can easily add a burst of purple or pink to be transformed. LOL Word Cushion Introducing the NEW aqua fleece throw Рa perfect partner for LOL. So fresh, so sophisticated, so appealing! Aqua Fleece Throw