Mix and match bedding – we have it covered!

Mix and match bedding – we have it covered!

Are you a spotty kinda person with your bedding? Or are stripes, checks, florals or abstract more your thing? What’s your fav bed linen pattern collab? We are crazy about duvet cover and sheeting pattern-fusing in bedrooms, putting different designs together to create effortless style! Be brave. If you are unsure if your combo works, team it up & see what you think. If you like a particular duvet cover with the sheet set and pillowcases you choose, go for it!! And be sure to change out the designs & colours every now & then to transform your interior.

We are crazy about the Greta check duvet cover set blended with Annabels blush spots sheets. Checks & spots; aqua & blush. Stunning!! If you get stuck, or pattern mixing just is not your thing, flick us a message or email info@patersonrose.com and ask. We can help you narrow down your 100% cotton duvet cover, sheeting, pillowcase & cushion options. Too easy 😄


Daunted by decorating your kids bedroom?  We provide some tips.

Daunted by decorating your kids bedroom? We provide some tips.

Setting up or decorating a kids bedroom & choosing bedding for a teenager, baby or anyone in your home can be a little daunting; sometimes a whole lot daunting! Whilst having the idea to set up a new bedroom is exciting, it can be surrounded with some anxiety – where do I start? how will I cope? what if I don’t know what to do? what if I get the colours wrong? where do I find nice 100% cotton bedding ? Be assured, you will cope, you will find out what to do, & of course, Patersonrose has beautiful 100% cotton sheeting & duvet covers for big people & young children’s bedrooms!!! Boys bedrooms & girls rooms. Yay.
Everyone deserves to sleep in natural cotton that breathes. Even better to find a duvet pattern that works in your home & won’t break the bank. Patersonrose! You will be blinded by mix & match options. If you have children who share a bedroom or 2 beds in the same room, perhaps choose different duvet covers sets but use the same sheeting design. Or keep your duvet design the same & swap out sheeting and pillowcases.
An example is our Navy sheeting that works well with kids duvet covers – wonderful if you have girls & guys in the same room! or want to keep the kids sheeting all one pattern, giving each child their own duvet ‘look’.
Now you have discovered Patersonrose, your bedroom creation can begin. But be careful!! Patersonrose bedding can become quite addictive😜. It’s super lovely to touch & quite delish to sleep in.
How to Choose the Combo!

How to Choose the Combo!

Decor alert! Needing help or ideas deciding which sheeting to put with your selected duvet cover? Or can’t quite choose a combination?
Our infamous PR rule is that there are no rules!! Whatever you like the best is A-OK! But sometimes it can be a little nail-biting for some of us making that final choice of which duvet & sheeting set to purchase.
At PR, we are fully obsessed ( nothing slight about it 😆 ) with creating new designs that really can be mixed & matched with collections old & new. We want to give you options to change your decor by simply adding pillowcases, getting alternative sheeting that tones or getting a new duvet that works with your current sheeting & accessories. And we love that!!! Your options are boundless. Go with one set within a collection and then add bits and bobs as you can – extra sheeting and pillowcases from different collections, so that every time you change a bed, you create a new fresh decor that looks amazing!

Here, we show how the Poppy duvet cover sits perfectly with Annabel, Belle, Hannah & Navy stripe.  You can mix any of these together between sheeting & pillowcases.Happy match & mixing 😊

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Duvets for Tricky Teenagers.

Duvets for Tricky Teenagers.

Teenagers!! Often it all gets a bit tricky finding bedding for the young man or lady in your home, as they don’t want frilly florals, vibrant colours or often, don’t want busy prints either. And adult linen often doesn’t make the cut.
Here’s a  knock-out teenage designs that we have created. The Jemima duvet cover / doona. Timeless, spanning across all ages, the Jemima collection is fun & funky!
Even better – all of our bedding is beautiful 100% natural cotton.

Plus check out our other designs for guys and girls – loads of options for young adults and old kids 😆.

Leading Interior Fashion Colour Announced.

Leading Interior Fashion Colour Announced.

Fashion colour ‘call out’ for girls – 2020. The results are in! Woop woop! It’s all about Aqua. Soft tones of aqua teamed with silver & mint. So let’s get rolling with our new collection – Jess!!! A duvet cover set & sheeting collection of fresh and fun aqua and white stripes. And don’t be shy to add in other colours with Aqua. Aqua loves colour collab! It’s as easy as throwing on some Annabel rose sheeting, our Greta deep green & blush pillowcases & a silver bling cushion. Or go yellow with our fun Pineapple cushion. Any way – you will end up with very cool kids room bedroom decor. Nice work!

Such Fun – Mix & Match Ashley Bedlinen

Such Fun – Mix & Match Ashley Bedlinen

At PR, we really love, love, love being able to change out & mix up designs with bits & pieces from other PR styles & collections. What fun! It’s amazing how you can completely change a room with switching out pillowcases, changing an accessory or adding a rug & create a fresh new look – such fun & so easy!!.

The very fun pastel spotted Ashley duvet cover / doona ( now on sale ) looks graceful & gorgeous with Jess sheeting, the fuchsia or candy pink floor rug & Make Today cushion.

But anything goes! There are No rules with PR combos. Be brave & bold & go with the colours you love best!

Creating a Delightful Room for Younger Girls

Creating a Delightful Room for Younger Girls

Can’t quite work out what to do in your girls room for her 1st big bed?
Or trying to decorate a room using pink? Then look no further. We have loads of girls rooms solutions!

Anything is possible with a little pink. A lot of pink works well too 😆.
Either way, pink is the colour of youth, joy, pretty things and happiness.
Embrace pink!  Your wee girl won’t be ‘wee’ for very long & before you know it she will be requesting colours you may not like quite as much as she does.

For a delightful girls room, try putting together the Rosa duvet / doona with Almond pink sheeting & a Fuchsia or Candy Pink shaggy rug. Or create a combo of your choice using the Rosa candy pink & star duvet cover. There are NO rules!! And have fun.

Handy Hint : Decorating tip

Handy Hint : Decorating tip

Your child’s room should be a fun space, a sanctuary that they love to go to, where they can chill out or bring their friends & siblings.
And let’s remember, all our children are different – they have different likes, dislikes, colour tastes & interior needs.
But with a little effort, you can make your child’s room uniquely theirs & have loads of fun doing it!!

We love the simplicity of black & white in a girls room, especially an older girls room, as shown, using the Jemima duvet. But we also love the addition of colour to give the room some punch & personality, like soft pink, or a splosh of soft blue, with pastel blue sheeting.

The beauty of black & white is you can stay smart & simple just with black & white, or add any other hero colour you wish too.  Have re-decorating!

Word from the Workshop – The inspiration for Zoe

Zoe girls quilt cover

From our designers : “Many hours go on behind the scenes, compiling the ‘story’ of each design we produce from our customer feedback, retailers requests but mostly, from our heart!.  Retailers have been consulted, customers queried, staff members contributed. Each design starts with a brief, sketches for design outlay then layer by layer, the fabric is pieced together, adding colours, pattern & size, all to meet our overall brief. Ultimately, we are hoping you, our fabulous PR fans, with be smiling & will love of our latest designs

Zoe is a design of when style hits-the-city, with its bold use of fashionable fresh aqua, paired with raspberry & hot pink. Modern use of ultra large circles makes this a very bewitching bed linen design. Zoe‘s versatility to incorporate a range of interior options makes it a flexible collection to create a bedroom design to suit whatever your daughters age & taste; to pair with existing accessories or go wild & re-vamp wall colours.

Let’s be honest, there are not very many linen collections which are timeless yet fashionable, edgy but not wacky and manage to make a girls bedroom radiant!!

Cute as a button.

wills star boys quilt cover, blue rug & room accessories for boys

Image :  Wills Star quilt cover & comforter, sea blue round rug & kids accessories.

Having a new baby is one of THE most exciting times of your life but it can be surrounded with some anxiety – how will I cope? what if I don’t know what to do? where do I find nice 100% cot linen for my new little treasure? Be assured, you will cope, you will find out what to do, & of course, Patersonrose has lovely 100% sheeting, comforters & quilt covers for cots!!!  Yay.

Our new born babes deserve to sleep in 100% natural cotton that breathes.  And one of the most exciting parts of having a baby, is setting up the nursery with the bedding, wall art ( canvases ) bunting, lampshades & a rug; such fun!! Babies cotton bedding & nice ( not tacky ) nursery accessories are not always easy to find. But now you have discovered Patersonrose, your nursery creation can begin. But be careful!! Patersonrose bedding can become quite an addiction. It’s rather lovely to touch & quite delish to sleep in.

Click here for earlier articles on tips of setting up your nursery.

Cozy Up for Winter

Kids cotton comforters & fleece throws

Image : red fleece throw, blue fleece throw, Comforters from top – Victoria, Emma, Lucy, Lou Lou, Wills Star, Mariner.

With days getting shorter & nights cooler, we want our little kids ( and big kids ) to be toasty warm in their rooms & beds. At PR, we provide a range of winter coziness, starting with our coral fleece throws. Soft, tactile & fun, these will warm your child’s room & play area. Brilliant for beds, bean bags, on the sofa & cosying in the car.

Comforters are another good winter investment.  These are similar to a bedspread & can be pulled up over a duvet / quilt for extra winter warmth, with comforter options for both girls & boys. Being 100% cotton & cotton fill & gorgeously quilt stitched, comforters really add ‘wow’ to bedrooms.

Fun, Fashionable Accessories

Girls pineapple, silver, chevron & make today cushions

Have you heard us say …’We LOVE Cushions‘?  That’s ‘cos we do!!  On so many levels!.

Tick – cushions are super cosy.
Tick – they are a cost effective way to add colour & theme. Get tired of them; it won’t break the bank to change & get a new colour-wave happening!
Tick – there’s a fab range for all ages & tastes.
Tick – cushions are also practical – use them to prop up for reading in bed.
Tick – they look friggin’ fantastic.

So if you haven’t yet made the investment of a couple of PR cushions, don’t dilly-dally any longer :)

Shop this Look – Zoe with Aqua.

Zoe with Aqua

This is a design for where ‘style hits the city’ with its bold use of fashionable fresh aqua, paired with raspberry & hot pink. A modern use of large circles makes this a very bewitching bed linen design. Zoe’s versatility in creating a range of interior options makes it a flexible design to suit any girls age ( big girl to younger ), tastes, existing accessories or alternatively, have no boundaries & go wild with wall colours. Let’s be honest, there are not very many linen collections which are timeless yet fashionable, span a range of ages & look fab & funky. With such a variety of interior options you have within PR, the hard part is actually choosing.  There are no wrong mix & match options; simply choose the pieces you simply love!

From top left to right, clockwise; Zoe quilt pillowcase, yeah rite cushion, make today cushion,  pink fleece throw, sea blue shaggy rug or aqua shaggy rug, Zoe sheeting, Zoe square cushion.

Setting up your Nursery – Part 2. Magic!!

175 (Copy) (2)

( Continuing on from our article Part 1, last month … )

Exciting! The magical time is nearing for Baby to arrive & you are getting nesty, wanting the room all prepared for you little ones arrival home.  By now, you may have set your nursery budget, possibly found out what sex your baby is & chosen wall colours, you probably bought Girl Clothes already.

  • Tip : A baby won’t need a pillow – they need to lie flat. But an empty pillowcase under Baby’s head is a good option for catching Baby’s spills & are much easier to wash than changing the whole bed every time Baby dribbles.
  • You may not have decided if you will sleep your baby in a sleep sack yet, so we recommend purchasing a few cot fitted sheets, rather than full sheet sets, to begin with. Don’t forget, baby can mess sheeting at anytime of day & night so having spare sheeting can reduce stress in the middle of the night.
  • Don’t go overboard with theme as your newborn baby’s becomes a toddler very quickly & theme preferences change just as quickly. Bring in theme with cost effective items that are affordable & easy to change – ie a bunting, wall decal ( we love lots of the kids decals from The Vinyl Room) & wall art & cushions.
  • Select your key pieces of furniture (check the Club Furniture for leather pieces). There are great options for drawers, a bed-sider & storage units from Kidzspace, Auckland & the metal beds from Incy Interiors.
  • Once you have the key elements installed, pause. Stand & look at the room. Does it need a rug to add some softness or colour? Or a canvas for the wall to break the space or create & add theme? Is there somewhere for you to sit to feed baby at night? Is there a softer night light & somewhere to dispose of dirty nappies?
  • Complete these last few tasks & voila!  You have a divine special room for your new wee person.

Now enjoy some sleep & rest before baby comes & all the new delights of a newborn & new life begins.

Setting up your Nursery – part 1

What fun!! You are going to have a new member of your family arrive soon & it is such an exciting time setting up a welcoming special room for them. Boy or girl ? or you don’t know yet?

Setting up a nursery can seem to be daunting, but it shouldn’t be. There are lots of great websites which provide key products that you will need.

From our perspective, we suggest the following simple guidelines :

  • Set a budget – that you are comfortable with. Then stick to this!!! Be realistic – if this is your last planned baby, don’t go over the top – if it is your first, you may have some big purchases to invest in – bassinets, a cot, changing table.
  • If you know boy or girl, you may which to direct your colour flavour to suit this. Or remain more gender neutral if the baby’s sex is unknown, but this doesn’t have to mean beige or creams – there are lots of lovely blues & greens that can suit both girls & boys. From PR, your gender neutral options include Evie, Molly sheeting, Tom sheeting, Storm sheeting, Bell blue & Raspberry red.
  • Once a colour palette has been selected, as ALWAYS suggest selecting your linen first. There are zillions of paint options but only a handful of linen options that are available in cot size & there will be fewer you actually like. So hunt out your comforter & sheeting then charge forth with the rest of the room as this will also determine your rooms key colour.

Stay tuned as we complete our nursery tips for you in a few weeks ….

Wills Star quilt cover, sheeting, cushions & bunting

Wills Star quilt cover, sheeting, cushions & bunting

Product Pin Up – Throws


We get so much feedback on how soft & lovely our throws are, especially from people convinced they didn’t want fleece at all ……. until they feel our coral fleece throws!!! Our fleece throws really have the ‘Mmmmm…mmmmm’ of softness, the ‘must have’ feel for wrapping up on the sofa or bean bag, the ‘I must take to bed’ coziness for night time snuggling. Plus they are a wonderful colour pop!! Match them with other colours you have happening or let them BE the colour.

From a practical aspect ( & we do love to be a little practical as well as pretty ), they wash up like new, staying super soft & no pilling!!! All ages adore our throws – from toddlers to teens to Grans. Two darling ladies in their 60 years + from the Hawkes Bay brought the pink throws for themselves so their husbands wouldn’t use them, only to return to buy 2 more, as the pink colour simply didn’t deter the husbands!! Softness & warmth won over!!

We remain totally besotted with our heavenly fleece throws!

Pick ‘n Mix – Mid Blue Hues of Wills Star

Pik-n-Mix - Wills Star w Mid Blue (Copy)

Wills Star bedding continues to be our #1 selling collection for young boys. This design spans ages, time, & cultures with so many delightfully classic elements but has the added advantage of having a large number of fun accessories to match & mould into each & every home. Like any PR linen collection, start with the quilt cover / doona, add a comforter & the pieces you love as you can, to create a super cool & fun boys bedroom.

Traditionally Wills Star tends to soft blues, so we love this brighter combination, for rooms wanting a mid blue, slightly bolder palette.

Let us show you how ….

From top left, clockwise … Rocket ‘star’ flag bunting, blue fleece throw, wills star ‘spot’ lampshade, wills star comforter. up up cushion, wills star quilt cover / doona, vintage blue circular shaggy rug, union jack cushion, wills star 100% cotton sheeting & pillowcase, Wills star flag bunting.

Bring on the Stars

Pik n Mix - Lucy with Red-Pink Stars (Copy)

It’s one thing to theme a room, another to do it tastefully that will also have some longevity.  At PR, we are not big on cartons, dinosaurs, trucks or horses, but we are 100% focused on making bedrooms super fun & age appropriate.  Hence, the addition of our wall art, our huge cushion range ( something for everyone & every age ) & our decorative rugs.

With the divine Lucy range, look how adding the above accessories to the Lucy quilt cover & Lucy comforter, the design pops with pink & red, while adding an element of a star theme & the cosiness of our super soft throws.  Viola, a transformed Lucy look, making an impressive girls bedroom.

Do contact us any time if you would like us to assist you with combination or accessory ideas for you child’s bedroom.

Pictured from top left: Lucy quilt cover, Twinkle star canvas, Lucy sheets, Pink fleece throw, Twinkle star cushion, pink & red floor cushion, Lucy comforter, Twinkle star rug.

The Changing Looks of Charlotte

2015-06-08 13.27.40 (Copy)

Scrumptious girls designs are hard to find at the moment, with many linen houses opting for total monochrome & total geo designs. But ALL young girls should be only surround in all things pretty, & that starts with their bedroom, their quilt cover & the fun cushions for the bed.

We love how the Charlotte girls linen can be teamed with beautiful duck blue by adding a PR sea blue shaggy rug ( as above ) or resplendent with pink & a dash of red ( as below ) by adding a fuschia pink shaggy rug & twinkle star canvas.  Oh know!  which sublime option to choose??? Either way, you can’t go wrong, as any girl with the Charlotte linen is going to have the best-ever bedroom!

2015-06-08 13.33.20 (Copy)

Moving Your Child From Cot to Bed? Some tips

Wills star

Moving out of a cot to a big bed

Moving your little princess or prince into a ‘big bed’?

That decision may have come about because your child has started to climb out of their cot? Perhaps their feet now reach the end? Or you simply feel it is time for them to have a bed!
Key things to decide upon;
What size bed ? Single, king single or even queen. Perhaps you are considering bunks?
You may be limited by bedroom space, in which case a single bed may best suit. If not, a king single bed is a great option, giving longevity as your child grows, it allows room on the bed for mum or dad to snuggle up for night-time stories & is currently the most popular bed size.
Next linen!
If you are reading this BLOG, you are not likely to have a mickey mouse or Dora the Explorer preference.
Our PR philosophy has always been to provide you with un-themed linen options which will suit your 2 year & will grow with them as they move from dora to fairies to princess to pop stars. Don’t be scared to introduce theme but do this with accessories as these are more affordable & easy to change with your child’s latest craze!
Colour – Choose a colour palette for your child’s room, then select bedding that will tone with this colour. Of course 100% cotton bedding is the preference. Our kids spend such a long time in beds & deserve to sleep in natural cotton bedding; especially if your child has skin allergies or sensitive skin. If you plan on traveling or your worried about bed bugs in your home get a mattress bed bug protector.
Accessories – this is the fun part!
Now you have ticked off colour & selected a linen design ( which of course we hope is from Patersonrose ), then have a ball selecting accessories. These may vary depending on bedroom space & your child’s age;  storage bags are a great option for keeping toys, shoes etc, helping to keep the room tidy. Add a pin board for notes & certificates. Perhaps include a rug for a pop of colour & to keep little toes warm. Cushions are a fab way to add theme & introduce some other colours. A fleece floor cushion is a perfect alternative to a bean bag & can be accompanied with a matching fleece throw for coziness.

Viola! You now have the ingredients for a fun, practical room for your wee one. Feel free to contact us for some mix & match ideas or accessory suggestions.

fun fun fun

fun fun fun

Rugging up

Rainbow of Rugs2 (Copy)

Needing to take the chill off cool floor boards or tiles? Or wanting little feet to land on something warm on cool mornings as they spring out of bed. Or just to add a ‘bang’ of colour & softness to a bedroom, play area or study?

Rugs tick all of these boxes plus do a whole lot more, while also linking a room together, bringing in the pattern of the linen & colours from the walls.

Rugs add a splosh of colour to jazz up any area in your home. There are not many other items that you can add to your kids bedroom, play area or study that will have the colour impact a rug makes.  By adding a block of solid colour or a pattern, rugs soften a room from harsh floors, provide a comfy area for kids to sit or play, add warmth & bring the room ‘together’ as they fuse the rooms dĂ©cor & wall colour. One thing left – choosing among rug sizes.

Choose from a Patersonrose round shaggy rug ( 1.2m diameter ), a larger rectangular rug ( 1.2 x 1.7m) or if your space is smaller, then choose from our fun themed 1 x 1.5m rugs. Go block colour in green, pink, blues, red or purple, or use the pattern of a shortpile rug to lift & jazz up the area you are decorating. Whatever you select, a quality Patersonrose acrylic rug will last a long time.

Pick ‘n Mix – Charlotte

Charlotte Quilt Print Pillowcase

Chic Charlotte is all about being ultra pretty, feminine & classically elegant, while being very much in-vogue & fashionable.

  • Quilt Cover –Charlotte
  • Sheeting –Charlotte ( this sheeting is super fun)
  • Cushions – Oh! such a tough choice but have to go with ballerina, flutterby & pink velvet.
  • Rug – fuschia pink shaggy round rug is a perfect match
  • Wall art – cant go past the twinkle star canvas.

Shop This Look - Charlotte (w pink) (Copy)


From our Design Room:

“At PR we love creating timeless & classic bed linen that will grow with your child”s passions & fashions. Charlotte indulges delicious colours with a fun flower theme, some block colour with spots. Theme Charlotte with flowers or birds for younger children or use more block, solid accessories for older girls. Of course,accessorize with your favourite fun cushions.”

Find a swanky flower wall decoration, or a round solid coloured felt pin board to incorporate the colours of your room. For other colour options & designs for Charlotte, view our website.

Red Wallflower - my4008r[1]

The Do’s & Don’ts of decorating your child’s bedroom.

169 (Copy)

Do : make a budget that you are comfortable with & can meet.

Don’t : compromise on linen quality – your child spends over 50% of their day in their bed & do a huge amount of their growing & recovery while asleep. Cotton bedding is a very good investment you won’t regret.

Do : base your room interiors around a colour you & your child both like.

Don’t : succumb to paying for licensed designs or themes that your child will outgrow quickly.

Do: theme your child’s room with their latest craze with easy-to-change accessories – cushions, wall decals, art, toys. These are an affordable way to add themed, which you can easily & cost-effectively update.

Don’t : expect your child’s room to remain the same for your child’s entire childhood. Be prepared to make adjustments with theme, colour & practical aspects such as including a desk & storage as you child needs change.

Do : put effort into making your children’s room a special place – a room that they will enjoy, be comfortable & relaxed & most importantly, it will make you smile!

Pick ‘n mix – Lucy linen


girls linen Lucy

Lucy linen for girls rooms is a mine-field of delectable colours, but for today, let’s get green with envy!

Quilt cover / duvet : Lucy
Cushions : elephant, ballerina & lucy round ruffle
Rug : Apple green
Lampshade : Lucy spot

Lucy is a bit of a chameleon of colour & can be transformed with so many options. By selecting green, Lucy has a real sprig of fresh apple green which understatedly pops this linen design.

From our Design Room : “Lucy is all about energy, joy, happiness & zest for life. The colour options are endless. Be calm & collected by using block colours, or inter-mingle prints & patterns to be courageous & colourful.”

Apple Green Rug

Pick ‘n Mix – Mariner

Mariner Bunting (Copy)

For boys, it’s ship ahoy as we pitch for a nautical look with the Mariner collection.  To create, you will need the following ingredients ….

1 x Quilt Cover – Mariner
1 x Sheeting – Wills Star Spot ( this sheeting is super fun)
1 x Bunting – Mariner
2 x Cushions – that’s a no-brainer – the compass, & anchor. If you really want to go for it, include a red flag cushion.
1 x Rug – nautical

Mariner - Nautical (Copy)


From our Design Room: “At PR, we love incorporating classic bed linen & products to create a theme. By using pieces from our Mariner collection with its red, white & navy, it’s so easy to achieve things of the sea & go all-out nautical by accessorizing with fun cushions; something for every age of seafaring lad”

Find a boat club flag to use a wall decoration, & a model yacht to place on drawers. Sail away …Check out further Mariner combinations on our website.

with Mariner Rug & Blue Feature Wall (Copy)

Themed Series Introduction – Part 4. Butterfly Series

So whimsical & pretty, what little girl isn’t going to love colourful,  gentle butterflies adorning her room; be it a canvas for her wall, a cushion scattered on the bed, a butterfly bunting to drape, or a soft rug of butterflies to land little feet on in the morning.  So it is with much fluttering excitement, that we have released our ‘butterfly’ series of accessories … purchase directly on-line or visit your nearest stockist.

A Butterfly Theme (Copy)

Tips to Make Your Kids Room a Fun Space

Bella & Ash posing on pink rug

It’s our mission at Patersonrose is to make your kids bedrooms a fun, colourful space to be; a room they will love. Our children are only young once & for such a short time (believe me, it whizzes past), so it is essential to make your child’s room the most marvelous, content, cosy place. This doesn’t need to be an expensive exercise. You are better to do this with a few quality, cost effective pieces than fill the room filled with clutter.  Ask your child about what they would love in their room – what accessories & colours. So start your list with …

Nursery : Bunting for celebration, plus 100% cotton sheeting as your baby needs natural cotton when sleeping so much.

Young children : stacks of cushions that appeal to them, a storage bag for keeping toys & ”things” tidy, & wall art to add some theme.

Tweens : let them select a quilt cover of their own choice – how grown up will they feel! They may even keep their room a little tidier ??? Plus our super plush throws – soooo cosy.  No child ever let’s these out of their sight.

Teens : pin boards! all important for displays of notes, reminders, photos & certificates + floor cushion for comfort when studying or texting.

Feel free to email us at any time at info@patersonrose.com with your queries on products or to get mix & match tips.

Creating Sunny Childhood Memories

5 little girls lying on tummies

We all want our children to have idyllic memories of their upbringing & home. So a good place to cement these are in your child’s key space – their bedroom. How special will it be for your children to have a bedroom that you created from your heart which they adore. Our suggestions :

  • Include your child in the decorating of their room.
  • Narrow down the duvet / quilt cover options to 2 that you are happy with & then let your child make the final choice – how ‘grown up’ will they feel being taken to the shop to choose their own bedding!!
  • Indulge in colour : Paint a wall in your child’s favourite colour – it doesn’t matter if it all is a bit radical. Wall colour is an easy thing to change as your child’s colour preference does ( & won’t break the bank ).
  • Incorporate your child’s latest passion & craze in some way in their room. NOT in the linen, but in a more cost effective means that can easily be modified; with cushions, some toys or trinkets, a freeze or wall art.
  • Small details count : Another idea we love is creating a blackboard wall or write on wall – either select a wall, part of a wall or wardrobe door. What kid ( or adult ) isn’t going to just love this – a wall they are actually allowed to draw on!
  • Finally, encourage your child have ownership of their room & their possession’s. Ask them to make their bed, keep their room tidy, put their clothes away. Then they can sleep tight in their special room, surrounded by fun & loving things that make them smile. Sweet Dreams.

All Season’s with Patersonrose

3 mar (Copy)

You could be forgiven to think that Patersonrose linen is seasonal; it totally isn’t. Rooms need to be dressed up for winter with throws, comforters & rugs; made lighter & airier in summer with crisp cool 100% cotton sheeting & jazzed up with cushions & canvases. PR embraces classic design with an edge, that can be cleverly crafted to suit a younger child, adapted to meet the needs of an older child, or minimised to create the ideal teenage space. Clever!

A fantastic bedroom starts with fantastic bed linen. Creating a strong, visually interesting base for your child’s room is smart. Don’t succumb to dinosaurs or dora the explorer, which your child (& probably you) will tire of very quickly, but give way to a well-chosen design that can accommodate all of your child’s ages & stages.