5 little girls lying on tummies

We all want our children to have idyllic memories of their upbringing & home. So a good place to cement these are in your child’s key space – their bedroom. How special will it be for your children to have a bedroom that you created from your heart which they adore. Our suggestions :

  • Include your child in the decorating of their room.
  • Narrow down the duvet / quilt cover options to 2 that you are happy with & then let your child make the final choice – how ‘grown up’ will they feel being taken to the shop to choose their own bedding!!
  • Indulge in colour : Paint a wall in your child’s favourite colour – it doesn’t matter if it all is a bit radical. Wall colour is an easy thing to change as your child’s colour preference does ( & won’t break the bank ).
  • Incorporate your child’s latest passion & craze in some way in their room. NOT in the linen, but in a more cost effective means that can easily be modified; with cushions, some toys or trinkets, a freeze or wall art.
  • Small details count : Another idea we love is creating a blackboard wall or write on wall – either select a wall, part of a wall or wardrobe door. What kid ( or adult ) isn’t going to just love this – a wall they are actually allowed to draw on!
  • Finally, encourage your child have ownership of their room & their possession’s. Ask them to make their bed, keep their room tidy, put their clothes away. Then they can sleep tight in their special room, surrounded by fun & loving things that make them smile. Sweet Dreams.
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