Are you planning to set up or decorate your kids bedroom.  Choose kids bedding?  Whether you are trying to find a cotton duvet cover for your teenager or sheeting for a toddler.  Or, setting up your child’s 1st bed, it can be a little daunting; sometimes a whole lot daunting!  Whilst having the idea to set up a new bedroom is exciting, it can also bring some anxiety. Where do I start?  What size duvet do I need?  What if I get the bedroom colours wrong? Where do I find nice 100% cotton sheeting? Be assured. You will cope. You will find out what to do,
And of course, for kids bedding, look no further!  We, at Patersonrose, have beautiful 100% cotton sheeting & duvet covers for big people & young children’s bedrooms!!! Boys bedrooms & girls bedding & every room in-between 👏!
Firstly, everyone deserves to sleep in natural 100% cotton that breathes. A no brainer!!  No one should sleep wrapped in plastic.  It’s 100% cotton bedding all the way!
Secondly, room colour.  We always say to our customers, select your kids duvet cover set first as there are a zillion wall paint colours.  Then work out from bed to wall to floor.
A great idea is for you to select a couple of duvet options for your child that you like ( and are happy to pay for). Then, present these duvet covers, sheeting & pillowcase options to your child. Let them make the final choice.
Primarily, find a duvet / doona cover pattern that works in your home & won’t break the bank. Choosing Patersonrose 100% cotton bed linen, you will find brilliant boys bedding. For small boys, there’s the Ollie Star Collection. Great choices for bigs boys too, such as Fred. A gorgeous duvet for teenage girls is the Greta doona cover or Black White duvets. And of course, small girls bedding. Well, there’s Sophie floral, all golden hearts Isla & Gussy. That’s just for starters!
Next, choose a wall colour that tones with your quilt cover ( tone; it doesn’t have to exactly match ).
If you have children who share a bedroom or 2 beds in the same room, you may like to opt for different duvet covers sets but use the same sheeting design. Or keep your duvet design & sheeting the same & swap out pillowcases.
For example, our navy sheeting works well with many of our kids duvet covers – wonderful if you have girls & guys in the same room! or want to keep the kids sheeting all one pattern, giving each child their own duvet.
Duvet cover sizing – Choose the quilt cover that is the same size as your bed.  If you want more over-hang, select the next duvet size up eg. for a single bed, the next size up is a king single.  Remember, king single beds, choose the king single / double duvet cover option.  These both use the same duvet inner size ( 180 x 210 cm ).  Refer to our sizing guide for full bed linen sizing.
If budget is key, there are some great discounted duvet covers, sheeting & bedroom interiors on our sale page.
Now you have discovered Patersonrose, your bedroom creation can begin. But be careful! Patersonrose bedding can become quite addictive😜. It’s super lovely to touch, lasts a lifetime & quite dreamy to sleep in.
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