Linen Care

Cotton is a natural fibre, and if well cared for, will last a long time.

For pre-washing – we recommend:

* Opening all the linen and spread out fully on the bed for 1-2 days prior to washing

* Wash in cool lukewarm / water

* Do not soak

* Use min. washing powder ( especially as this is a pre-wash )

* Ensure a non-bleach detergent is used.

* Don’t overload your washing machine. Ensure that the linen can move freely around in the machine and that there is sufficient water for this to happen.

* NEVER add detergents onto the linen as patches of uneven colour can occur. Dissolve your washing agent fully in the washing machine water prior to adding the linen.

* Remove your linen directly from the machine after the final spin – DO NOT let them sit wet in the machine.

* Dry immediately – preferably line dry

For long term care:

* Keep coloured prints away from constant direct sunlight.

* Wash in cool or warm water, and preferably dry on a clothes line.

* If using a drier, please use cool temperatures only.

* We recommend washing pyjamas before wear in a cold wash.

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