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Moving out of a cot to a big bed

Moving your little princess or prince into a ‘big bed’?

That decision may have come about because your child has started to climb out of their cot? Perhaps their feet now reach the end? Or you simply feel it is time for them to have a bed!
Key things to decide upon;
What size bed ? Single, king single or even queen. Perhaps you are considering bunks?
You may be limited by bedroom space, in which case a single bed may best suit. If not, a king single bed is a great option, giving longevity as your child grows, it allows room on the bed for mum or dad to snuggle up for night-time stories & is currently the most popular bed size.
Next linen!
If you are reading this BLOG, you are not likely to have a mickey mouse or Dora the Explorer preference.
Our PR philosophy has always been to provide you with un-themed linen options which will suit your 2 year & will grow with them as they move from dora to fairies to princess to pop stars. Don’t be scared to introduce theme but do this with accessories as these are more affordable & easy to change with your child’s latest craze!
Colour – Choose a colour palette for your child’s room, then select bedding that will tone with this colour. Of course 100% cotton bedding is the preference. Our kids spend such a long time in beds & deserve to sleep in natural cotton bedding; especially if your child has skin allergies or sensitive skin. If you plan on traveling or your worried about bed bugs in your home get a mattress bed bug protector.
Accessories – this is the fun part!
Now you have ticked off colour & selected a linen design ( which of course we hope is from Patersonrose ), then have a ball selecting accessories. These may vary depending on bedroom space & your child’s age;  storage bags are a great option for keeping toys, shoes etc, helping to keep the room tidy. Add a pin board for notes & certificates. Perhaps include a rug for a pop of colour & to keep little toes warm. Cushions are a fab way to add theme & introduce some other colours. A fleece floor cushion is a perfect alternative to a bean bag & can be accompanied with a matching fleece throw for coziness.

Viola! You now have the ingredients for a fun, practical room for your wee one. Feel free to contact us for some mix & match ideas or accessory suggestions.

fun fun fun

fun fun fun

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