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Bring on the Stars

Pik n Mix - Lucy with Red-Pink Stars (Copy)

It’s one thing to theme a room, another to do it tastefully that will also have some longevity.  At PR, we are not big on cartons, dinosaurs, trucks or horses, but we are 100% focused on making bedrooms super fun & age appropriate.  Hence, the addition of our wall art, our huge cushion range ( something for everyone & every age ) & our decorative rugs.

With the divine Lucy range, look how adding the above accessories to the Lucy quilt cover & Lucy comforter, the design pops with pink & red, while adding an element of a star theme & the cosiness of our super soft throws.  Viola, a transformed Lucy look, making an impressive girls bedroom.

Do contact us any time if you would like us to assist you with combination or accessory ideas for you child’s bedroom.

Pictured from top left: Lucy quilt cover, Twinkle star canvas, Lucy sheets, Pink fleece throw, Twinkle star cushion, pink & red floor cushion, Lucy comforter, Twinkle star rug.

The Changing Looks of Charlotte

2015-06-08 13.27.40 (Copy)

Scrumptious girls designs are hard to find at the moment, with many linen houses opting for total monochrome & total geo designs. But ALL young girls should be only surround in all things pretty, & that starts with their bedroom, their quilt cover & the fun cushions for the bed.

We love how the Charlotte girls linen can be teamed with beautiful duck blue by adding a PR sea blue shaggy rug ( as above ) or resplendent with pink & a dash of red ( as below ) by adding a fuschia pink shaggy rug & twinkle star canvas.  Oh know!  which sublime option to choose??? Either way, you can’t go wrong, as any girl with the Charlotte linen is going to have the best-ever bedroom!

2015-06-08 13.33.20 (Copy)

Terrific Tom

Tom - w light grey wall (Copy)

We often get disgruntled Mothers who finally find Patersonrose linen & get so excited to discover some linen options for boys. Linen that is not for adults, is not too tizzy, is edgy & un-themed ( no dinosaur or car prints ) & can be accessorized to suit a boys latest craze & passion. A firm PR motto has always been … ‘BOYS NEED LINEN TOO!!”

Tom : This is classic PR design for boys, with strong geometric blocks of blues, greys & green for the quilt cover, sheeting of grey & white stripes & so many gallant accessories to create the age & colours you require. We love the Tom collections versatility & the un-restrictive colour palette. Go bananas with the fab range of cushions we offer, complete with a rug & fun piece of wall art & you have a room any boy will keep tidy … yeah rite :) !

Moving Your Child From Cot to Bed? Some tips

Wills star

Moving out of a cot to a big bed

Moving your little princess or prince into a ‘big bed’?

That decision may have come about because your child has started to climb out of their cot? Perhaps their feet now reach the end? Or you simply feel it is time for them to have a bed!
Key things to decide upon;
What size bed ? Single, king single or even queen. Perhaps you are considering bunks?
You may be limited by bedroom space, in which case a single bed may best suit. If not, a king single bed is a great option, giving longevity as your child grows, it allows room on the bed for mum or dad to snuggle up for night-time stories & is currently the most popular bed size.
Next linen!
If you are reading this BLOG, you are not likely to have a mickey mouse or Dora the Explorer preference.
Our PR philosophy has always been to provide you with un-themed linen options which will suit your 2 year & will grow with them as they move from dora to fairies to princess to pop stars. Don’t be scared to introduce theme but do this with accessories as these are more affordable & easy to change with your child’s latest craze!
Colour – Choose a colour palette for your child’s room, then select bedding that will tone with this colour. Of course 100% cotton bedding is the preference. Our kids spend such a long time in beds & deserve to sleep in natural cotton bedding; especially if your child has skin allergies or sensitive skin. If you plan on traveling or your worried about bed bugs in your home get a mattress bed bug protector.
Accessories – this is the fun part!
Now you have ticked off colour & selected a linen design ( which of course we hope is from Patersonrose ), then have a ball selecting accessories. These may vary depending on bedroom space & your child’s age;  storage bags are a great option for keeping toys, shoes etc, helping to keep the room tidy. Add a pin board for notes & certificates. Perhaps include a rug for a pop of colour & to keep little toes warm. Cushions are a fab way to add theme & introduce some other colours. A fleece floor cushion is a perfect alternative to a bean bag & can be accompanied with a matching fleece throw for coziness.

Viola! You now have the ingredients for a fun, practical room for your wee one. Feel free to contact us for some mix & match ideas or accessory suggestions.

fun fun fun

fun fun fun

Reach for the Stars

Wills Star Bed Shot (Copy)

Very few linen companies can boast linen designs which have the stamina & customer interest to survive years!!!

Patersonrose can, with our Wills Star collection.  Wills Star is a balance of classic & modern, fun & cheery, character but not too ‘themey’, combining a flavour of blues, red & white with block colour of red & navy in the comforter option ( Mariner ) & sheeting.  Fabulous!!!

It appeals to a wide range of ages cots; little boys for their first bed, loaded up with truck & star cushions, a bunting & a star rug, to middle aged boys with pin boards & more of a nautical look, with anchor & boat cushions.

Make your boys Wills Star room marvellous, fun place to be!!!

Rugging up

Rainbow of Rugs2 (Copy)

Needing to take the chill off cool floor boards or tiles? Or wanting little feet to land on something warm on cool mornings as they spring out of bed. Or just to add a ‘bang’ of colour & softness to a bedroom, play area or study?

Rugs tick all of these boxes plus do a whole lot more, while also linking a room together, bringing in the pattern of the linen & colours from the walls.

Rugs add a splosh of colour to jazz up any area in your home. There are not many other items that you can add to your kids bedroom, play area or study that will have the colour impact a rug makes.  By adding a block of solid colour or a pattern, rugs soften a room from harsh floors, provide a comfy area for kids to sit or play, add warmth & bring the room ‘together’ as they fuse the rooms décor & wall colour. One thing left – choosing among rug sizes.

Choose from a Patersonrose round shaggy rug ( 1.2m diameter ), a larger rectangular rug ( 1.2 x 1.7m) or if your space is smaller, then choose from our fun themed 1 x 1.5m rugs. Go block colour in green, pink, blues, red or purple, or use the pattern of a shortpile rug to lift & jazz up the area you are decorating. Whatever you select, a quality Patersonrose acrylic rug will last a long time.

Pick ‘n Mix – Charlotte

Charlotte Quilt Print Pillowcase

Chic Charlotte is all about being ultra pretty, feminine & classically elegant, while being very much in-vogue & fashionable.

  • Quilt Cover –Charlotte
  • Sheeting –Charlotte ( this sheeting is super fun)
  • Cushions – Oh! such a tough choice but have to go with ballerina, flutterby & pink velvet.
  • Rug – fuschia pink shaggy round rug is a perfect match
  • Wall art – cant go past the twinkle star canvas.

Shop This Look - Charlotte (w pink) (Copy)


From our Design Room:

“At PR we love creating timeless & classic bed linen that will grow with your child”s passions & fashions. Charlotte indulges delicious colours with a fun flower theme, some block colour with spots. Theme Charlotte with flowers or birds for younger children or use more block, solid accessories for older girls. Of course,accessorize with your favourite fun cushions.”

Find a swanky flower wall decoration, or a round solid coloured felt pin board to incorporate the colours of your room. For other colour options & designs for Charlotte, view our website.

Red Wallflower - my4008r[1]

The Do’s & Don’ts of decorating your child’s bedroom.

169 (Copy)

Do : make a budget that you are comfortable with & can meet.

Don’t : compromise on linen quality – your child spends over 50% of their day in their bed & do a huge amount of their growing & recovery while asleep. Cotton bedding is a very good investment you won’t regret.

Do : base your room interiors around a colour you & your child both like.

Don’t : succumb to paying for licensed designs or themes that your child will outgrow quickly.

Do: theme your child’s room with their latest craze with easy-to-change accessories – cushions, wall decals, art, toys. These are an affordable way to add themed, which you can easily & cost-effectively update.

Don’t : expect your child’s room to remain the same for your child’s entire childhood. Be prepared to make adjustments with theme, colour & practical aspects such as including a desk & storage as you child needs change.

Do : put effort into making your children’s room a special place – a room that they will enjoy, be comfortable & relaxed & most importantly, it will make you smile!