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Word From the Workshop – Mariner

Mariner Blurb

Each linen collection has it’s very own beginning, it’s own inspiration, it’s own design brief. Sally Paterson, Patersonrose’s Creative Director, tells the Mariner story.

Hundreds of different stripe patterns were designed until the final “Mariner” quilt print stripe was decided upon. Stripes are not as easy as they appear, in fact, quite the contrary. Stripes can be done in so many ways. Who would have believed you have to design so many different stripe patterns all to create just one print!! Our panel of judges voted for the Mariner we now have.

I love stripes as they have so many mix & match options – mix with tartans, spots or checks, changing the whole room appearance.

My son Sam has the Mariner linen on his bed, piled high with a mass of cushions & pillows. However he makes his bed, it always looks stylish, boyish & inviting.

Mariner certainly has been a Patersonrose winning boys design.

Quote – Live your Dream

Live your dreams

Live your dreams – the sky is your limit!

When I was a child, my mother said to me, ‘If you become a soldier, you’ll be a general. If you become a monk you’ll end up as the pope.’ Instead I became a painter and wound up as Picasso.”  Pablo Picasso

This month we feature for girls … Millie

Millie linen hanging - closeup

Millie is all things soft, feminine & pretty.  A bouquet of pink flowers sprayed with gorgeous pink spots.  We have customers who lovely Millie to stay pink & white then others who amaze us with their Millie combos – revved up with red, passionate with purple, astounding with aqua.  There are NO RULES with Patersonrose linen; no one combo that is correct. It’s all about what you like, what works best for you.  So continue to amaze us with Millie.

All Season’s with Patersonrose

3 mar (Copy)

You could be forgiven to think that Patersonrose linen is seasonal; it totally isn’t. Rooms need to be dressed up for winter with throws, comforters & rugs; made lighter & airier in summer with crisp cool 100% cotton sheeting & jazzed up with cushions & canvases. PR embraces classic design with an edge, that can be cleverly crafted to suit a younger child, adapted to meet the needs of an older child, or minimised to create the ideal teenage space. Clever!

A fantastic bedroom starts with fantastic bed linen. Creating a strong, visually interesting base for your child’s room is smart. Don’t succumb to dinosaurs or dora the explorer, which your child (& probably you) will tire of very quickly, but give way to a well-chosen design that can accommodate all of your child’s ages & stages.

Out & About with Out of the Cot

Millie looking magical on bunks at OOTC

Millie looking magical on bunks at OOTC

Out of the Cot in Adelaide, Australia, have been a Patersonrose stockist for donkeys years, carrying every design & every accessory we ever create ( love that ). And they have a zillion lovely customers who repeatedly buy Patersonrose ( love that too )!  We get the lo-down from Emma on their beautiful store …

Which designs are working well for you?  We are currently crushing on Charlotte. With its gorgeous mix of Aqua, Pink, Red & Apple Green we’re finding Charlotte is starting to give Lou Lou a run for her money for the Tween Girl market. We think the gorgeous cushions are the what make this design so very appealing. The combination of the pink velvet flower & ballerina cushion are simply too hard to resist.
Any  fav mix & match combos? We are loving Stripy Sam & Wills Spot! The red, white & blue combo is given a new twist with the introduction of Wills Spot. A fresh & light look for a bunk is Stripy Sam Doona with Wills spot sheeting on the bottom bunk & then the reverse on the top. If you then add Mariner Comforters & Starry Starry Night cushions the look is complete
What are your customers looking for when doing up their children’s rooms?  Inspiration! We are constantly being asked what we use in my children’s rooms and for any hots styling tips. My number one styling tip – choose your 3 base colours are work from there. It is amazing how almost any item with any theme can work in a space as long as the base colour tones are complementary. My other tip to match a couple of items perfectly to give the look continuity. This is one (of the many reasons) I love Patersonrose!  You can have your base linen, lampshade & tab top curtains and then blend everything else from there – there is so many product lines to choose from, I often find myself spoilt for choice.
What’s your best selling PR accessory? RUGS! The range of Patersonrose rugs is quite simply awesome! The large block colour rectangle designs are heavy, durable & very easy to clean (an absolute must for a children’s bed or playroom). Also with the choice of colours available in the round shaggy’s – there is a rug to suit almost any look!
Favourite design & why ? I love Tom. The combo of blue & grey with just a pop of green is stunning & works equally well for a 5 or 15 yr old. The only difficulty I’m having is decoding if I prefer the Grey Stripe or Cobalt Blue sheeting!
What else is big at OOTC at the mo?  Our own design furniture at OOTC its like a match made in heaven with Patersonrose linen. Our simple timeless white furniture and our new amazing Australian Oak range is the perfect base to have the Patersonrose linen just pop with colour. We love the Ashton Bed, with Tom linen combined with Al & Em pin boards you can complete the perfect boys bedroom look.
Coming into spring, what’s a “must buy” at OOTC?  If you haven’t invested in a good quality quilt it is time to do so. Our range of cotton & corn (yes corn!) quilts are light, warm, machine washable, hypo allergenic & just perfect for these cold winter nights.

On a personal note, what’s your current fav meal ?  My favourite winter meal at the moment is Asian Roast Chicken. It’s a different take on a traditional roast chicken with the stuffing consisting of tamarind and Asian spices and then reducing the stock & mixing with coconut milk to produce a coconut milk gravy. This is then served with Rice & Steamed Greens. Served with a glass of Pinot Grigio – perfect!

Bon appetite !!!  Make sure you visit their delightful store or shop on-line at OOTC

Tom linen at OOTC

Tom linen at OOTC


Pick ‘n mix – Seriously Sammy

Jk & H in stripy sam

It’s about cute boys rooms that can have theme added or just be down-right cool! Let”s hear it for the Stripy Sam collection. Todays selected combo has a red edge –

From our Design Room:
Stripy Sam has always been about boys & about classic good fun! You can’t go wrong with red, white & blues for boys. But we don’t want anything boring; we want boys to love their rooms, their space, their place & to have something that will last them a duration of their childhood”

Stripy Sam with Red (Copy)

 Check out further Stripy Sam combinations on our website.

All Things Pretty & Pink.

I believe in pink. I believe that laughing is the best calorie burner. I believe in kissing, kissing a lot. I believe in being strong when everything seems to be going wrong. I believe that happy girls are the prettiest girls. I believe that tomorrow is another day and I believe in miracles.

Audrey Hepburn

Millie pink

Clockwise from top left : Pink Petal cushionMillie spot tab top curtainMillie storage bagMillie quilt cover / duvet.

Piccolo House, Singapore

Lucy linen @ Piccolo House

Lucy linen @ Piccolo House

Other than Patersonrose, what is the current trendy item or range your customers are buying ?
Mmmmm….. Alphabets Room Decoration. Eg. Alphabet decals, wooden letters or cushions. These allow parents and kids to get creative by personalizing their names or favorite quotes at any part of the room.

Are there any colours are you finding girls are asking for at the moment?
Pastel candylicious colour range.

We are talking about setting up a nursery or babies room in April, is there a “must have” that you recommend for mothers setting up a nursery?
“Must Have” a soft night light for a nursery room , can be a wall mount light, plugged light or table lamp. A good night light will help baby sleep better.

On a personal note ….
If we were to cook you were favourite meal, what would it be?
Grilled chicken with sesame sauce?

If you could visit anywhere in the world, where would you go & why?
Brazil. It is at the other part of the world and is the least possible country that I thought I will visit in my life. Of course if I have a chance, I will love to visit the heavenly beaches and experience the world famous carnival at Rio.

Visit one of the two Piccolo House stores in Singapore : 10 Ubi Crescent #01-63 (Lobby D) Ubi Techpark Singapore 408564 (along UBI Ave.1)  &  THE GRANDSTAND – 200 Turf Club Road #04-13 Singapore 287994

Soldier on with Stripy Sam

Stripy Sam linen & pinboard, Mariner comforter, charcoal rug. Cushions: union jack, '?' & random

Stripy Sam linen & pinboard, Mariner comforter, charcoal rug. Cushions: union jack, ‘?’ & random

Let’s celebrate a linen design that has stood the test of time for 6 years!! Yes a 6 brave years.

Through Australian recessions, Christchurch earthquakes, Tsunamis, Royal visits, annual visits from Santa & much more, Stripy Sam linen has been a favourite in so many countries, age groups & lifestyles of boys bedrooms.

Classic in design with red, white & blues for stripes, Stripy Sam has had the odd face-lift; a comforter change; a few cushions added with each re-run. But onwards he has charged.

Who-else, other than Patersonrose, allows you to quietly build on your bedroom collection, adding & changing pieces as your boy grows?? In this world of commercialism, of constant sales, & changes – how refreshing.

A Nursery – some handy hints to setting up

Wills Star-cot closeup

Wills Star linen & bunting with tow truck, cross & starry night cushions

What fun!! You are going to have a new member of your family arrive soon & it is such an exciting time setting up a special room for them. Boy or girl ? or you don’t know yet?

Setting up a nursery can be daunting, but it doesn”t have to be.

From our perspective, we suggest the following simple guidelines :

  • Set a budget; that you are 100% comfortable with. Then stick to this!!! Be realistic – if this is your last planned baby, don’t go over the top; if it is your first, you may have some big purchases to invest in – bassinets, a cot, changing table & much more.
  • If you know boy or girl, you may which to direct your colour flavour to suit this. Or remain more gender neutral if the baby”s sex is unknown, but this doesn’t have to mean beige or creams. There are lots of lovely blues & greens that can suit both girls & boys.
  • Once a colour palette has been selected, as ALWAYS we suggest selecting your linen first. There are zillions of paint options but only a handful of linen options that are available in cot size & there will be fewer you actually like. So hunt out your comforter & sheeting then charge forth with the rest of the room as this will also determine your rooms key colour.
  • Tip : A baby won”t need a big pillow – they need to lie flat, but an empty pillowcase under baby”s head is a good option for catching baby’s dribble & spills & much easier to wash than changing the full bed
  • Don’t go overboard with theme as your newborn baby’s becomes a toddler very quickly & theme preferences change just as quickly. Bring in theme with cost effective items that are affordable to change easily – a bunting, wall decal, cushions.
  • Once you have the key elements installed, pause. Stand back & look at the room. Does it need a rug? Or a canvas for the wall? Is there somewhere for you to sit to feed baby at night? Is there a softer night light & somewhere to dispose of dirty nappies? Click here to see the best travel systems.
  • Complete these last few tasks & voila! You have a super special room for your new wee person. Now relax & enjoy :)
Millie-cot with Flo

Millie linen with red robyn cushion

Retailer in the Spotlight : Piccolo House, Singapore

Millie Linen at Piccolo House

Millie Linen at Piccolo House

Piccolo House, in Singapore, has been an avid stockist of Patersonrose for a number of years now, & we love their passion, loyalty & contributions to our designs & products. We chat with Stacey, from Piccolo House …

When did you open Piccolo? 
Piccolo House was opened in the Year 2007

What is your favourite aspect of your store?
My favorite aspect of the shop is the great variety of kids furniture, bedding, decoration and accessories necessary for kids room, customers enjoy shopping at our one-stop shop for their kids room and find unexpected inspiration.

What is your best selling design from Patersonrose at the moment?  Will”s Star

What PR accessory are your customers buying at the moment for their kids room? & why?  Bunting. Bunting is the most versatile décor for kids room and kids party. It instantly dresses up the kids area.

Will's Star Bunting

Rug up … winter is here


Lucy rectangle rug with apple green, fuschia pink & groovy grape round shaggy rugs

What a wonderful way to add a splish splosh of colour
What a wonderful way to warm a room
What a wonderful way to soften hard floors, falls & sounds
The perfect way for little peoples toes to touch the ground as they start their new adventurous day …

Rugs by Patersonrose.

This Month’s Feature Design for Girls is …. Emma

Stand up and applaud for Emma!

This collection was launched on 2009 & has continued to delight many girls ( & their Mums ) with gorgeous sherbet pink, lime green & white stripe quilt cover, ric rac, hot pink spots; a paneled & scallop edge comforter. Very few linen houses would dare run a design this long, but year in & year out, Emma has been a favourite for many of our PR customers & retailers.

Perhaps its the simplicity of the design? Perhaps the blends of pink & lime? Perhaps her appeal to girls of all ages? Or the flexibility to incorporate such an assortment of accessories? For many of you, we are sure it is a combination of all of the above, making young girls smile & sleep soundly in their Emma bed linen for many more years to come!

Emma linen

Emma Linen – such fun

Emma Comforter

The Emma Patchwork comforter, edged in ric rac


Retailer in the Spotlight : Indigo Kids, Hong Kong & Dubai

wills star

Wills Star on display at Indigo Kids

Indigo Kids are a chain of totally stunning stores, specializing in Interiors for Children. They exclusively stock Patersonrose Bedding & Accessories in Hong Kong & Dubai – we chat with them …

Tell us what is your primary store focus is & what makes Indigo Kids unique from others?
Our product range is unique in Hong Kong – we have an amazing selection of kids’ furniture, accessories and bed linen in all our stores, all in one place, to make it easy for our customers.

We also sell products are exclusive to Indigo Living, so we bring in many brands from all over the world for our customers to have access to. Patersonrose is an example of one of our exclusive ranges.

Safety is something we are serious about – from the paint and fabrics that we use to the actual construction of our products. Everything we sell meets the International Safety Standards.

What’s your favourite Patersonrose design & why?
Millie – gorgeous colour and such a beautiful flower pattern – the quintessential girly bed linen!

Which is your “must have” kids room accessory?
A bean bag!

What are your customers looking for at the moment?
Knowledgeable customer service – we place a lot of emphasis on training our staff on the products we sell so they know every feature and benefit back to front – this helps when parents are deciding how to put a room together and what is important to consider in a kids space.  Safety, quality and durability of the products.

Any advice for customers when choosing a bedroom look?
Picking pieces that can be mixed and matched; good, clean fun colour – lots of colours, & comfort!

“Word from the workshop” – Lou Lou

Live it up with Lou Lou

Lou Lou Linen Collection

We are constantly coming up with new ideas & colour waves for our next round of designs. No easy task! Sally, our Design Director, has the auspicious challenge to turn all ideas into an appealing linen collection you will love, so we do get incredibly excited when a new design is finally signed off for production. So, we are honing in on Lou Lou. Sally provides us some in-sight on the inspiration for the Lou Lou collection …

“At Patersonrose, we tend not to focus on fashion. We aim to blend together the colours & patterns we love, embracing suggestions from our customers & retailers, whilst sticking to our rules of being ‘classic with a twist’ – our own twist. Lou Lou evolved precisely from the above ingredients but happened to also coincide with the latest fashion colours. She is a burst of colour, brightening up any room; a chameleon – she will mix with so many colour palettes. But my primary directive with Lou Lou; she must be fun”

And fun she is!! An introduction of purple, teamed with aqua, sploshes of red, a splash of pink & a sprig fresh green. Lou Lou is gorgeous in any girls room; so perfectly transitions to teenagers.

From the News Desk – The Winner from our June Facebook Comp

We always get super excited when we launch a new design or product as they’ve taken us many many months of design & production work to finally make them available for you. So it’s always wonderful to see your response to what’s new. Even more exciting to give one away!!

Kerry Taiala was our June Facebook throw winner & this was her lovely response …

Thank you so much!!!!!! I am very grateful!!!!! I love your range. We left Christchurch after the earthquakes so I only made it to your shop a few times before we left. In fact we were just round the corner on Perry Street. Thanks again, such a wonderful surprise!!!”
Congrats Kerry, who won a pink super soft fleece throw.

fleece throw

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