Charlotte Quilt Print Pillowcase

Chic Charlotte is all about being ultra pretty, feminine & classically elegant, while being very much in-vogue & fashionable.

  • Quilt Cover –Charlotte
  • Sheeting –Charlotte ( this sheeting is super fun)
  • Cushions – Oh! such a tough choice but have to go with ballerina, flutterby & pink velvet.
  • Rug – fuschia pink shaggy round rug is a perfect match
  • Wall art – cant go past the twinkle star canvas.

Shop This Look - Charlotte (w pink) (Copy)


From our Design Room:

“At PR we love creating timeless & classic bed linen that will grow with your child”s passions & fashions. Charlotte indulges delicious colours with a fun flower theme, some block colour with spots. Theme Charlotte with flowers or birds for younger children or use more block, solid accessories for older girls. Of course,accessorize with your favourite fun cushions.”

Find a swanky flower wall decoration, or a round solid coloured felt pin board to incorporate the colours of your room. For other colour options & designs for Charlotte, view our website.

Red Wallflower - my4008r[1]

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