Maisy Flower Duvet Cover Set


The Maisy duvet cover is flowers on ink blue. Importantly, it’s made from 100% natural cotton.

This duvet set includes a duvet cover & pillowcase/s.


Introducing the Maisy flower duvet cover set. A truly exquisite ensemble that captivates with its beauty and charm. Picture a bed adorned with an assortment of fetching floral colors, meticulously arranged against a backdrop of dusky ink blue. A bedding combination that renders Maisy nothing short of spectacular. In fact, the Maisy quilt cover stands as a testament to our commitment to crafting the most scrumptious duvet designs. Each flower has been crafted to create a tapestry of natural beauty, ensuring that every glance brings a sense of joy and wonder. And let’s not forget about that particularly stunning dusky ink blue doona background.

To envelop yourself in a Maisy duvet cover is to be transported to a world where every day is a celebration of femininity and grace. Certainly, a symphony of colors that sings to the soul. Whether adorning a young girl’s bed or gracing the room of a tween or toddler, the Maisy duvet cover set promises to elevate any space with its undeniable charm and beauty. Indulge in the splendor of Maisy. A girls duvet cover design of unparalleled beauty and timeless charm. Maisy is sure to be cherished as a centerpiece in any bedroom, adding a touch of magic to every night’s sleep.

The Maisy duvet cover set is available in single, king single, queen & king bedding sizes. These fabric colours are designed to slightly soften. 

Ultimately mix & match this duvet cover set together with …
Sheeting options Gussy, Blossom, Ink Blue, Isla, Annabel, Belle, Dusky Rose, Almond Pink
Pillowcase matches –Gussy, Blossom, Ink Blue, Isla, Annabel, Belle, Dusky Rose

From our design team .. ” The Maisy duvet cover has been designed from our heart. Not only will Maisy look glorious on our bed, she will be graceful in your home. Above all, it’s a design that truly makes us smile … a lot! We truly hope Maisy brightens your home’

Our quality guarantee

Importantly, all of our bed linen is OEKO-TEX® certified. For this reason, you can be assured that environmentally sound practices have been followed throughout production. As well, this guarantees that this bed linen has been made free from harmful substances.  And most importantly, under socially responsible working conditions.

  • OEKO-TEX® certified
  • Natural Fibres
  • Sustainably Made
  • Ethically Sourced
  • Duvet set includes pillowcase/s
  • Packaged in a reusable pure cotton bag

What’s more, we do our very best to give a true indication of colour.  But sometimes a computer screen may slightly vary colours.

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