Tom - w light grey wall (Copy)

We often get disgruntled Mothers who finally find Patersonrose linen & get so excited to discover some linen options for boys. Linen that is not for adults, is not too tizzy, is edgy & un-themed ( no dinosaur or car prints ) & can be accessorized to suit a boys latest craze & passion. A firm PR motto has always been … ‘BOYS NEED LINEN TOO!!”

Tom : This is classic PR design for boys, with strong geometric blocks of blues, greys & green for the quilt cover, sheeting of grey & white stripes & so many gallant accessories to create the age & colours you require. We love the Tom collections versatility & the un-restrictive colour palette. Go bananas with the fab range of cushions we offer, complete with a rug & fun piece of wall art & you have a room any boy will keep tidy … yeah rite :) !

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