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Do : make a budget that you are comfortable with & can meet.

Don’t : compromise on linen quality – your child spends over 50% of their day in their bed & do a huge amount of their growing & recovery while asleep. Cotton bedding is a very good investment you won’t regret.

Do : base your room interiors around a colour you & your child both like.

Don’t : succumb to paying for licensed designs or themes that your child will outgrow quickly.

Do: theme your child’s room with their latest craze with easy-to-change accessories – cushions, wall decals, art, toys. These are an affordable way to add themed, which you can easily & cost-effectively update.

Don’t : expect your child’s room to remain the same for your child’s entire childhood. Be prepared to make adjustments with theme, colour & practical aspects such as including a desk & storage as you child needs change.

Do : put effort into making your children’s room a special place – a room that they will enjoy, be comfortable & relaxed & most importantly, it will make you smile!

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